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  • 齐发娱乐|齐发娱乐唯一官网|齐发娱乐官方网站_Truck mounted drilling rig YMC-600

    Truck mounted drilling rig YMC-

  • 齐发娱乐官方网站_DQ-3000 top drive drilling rig

    DQ-3000 top drive drilling rig

  • 齐发娱乐|齐发娱乐唯一官网|齐发娱乐官方网站_DB3000 electric drilling rig

    DB3000 electric drilling rig

  • 齐发娱乐官方网站_SPT-1500 Trailer-mounted water well drilling rig

    SPT-1500 Trailer-mounted water

  • 齐发娱乐|齐发娱乐唯一官网|齐发娱乐官方网站_TSJ3000/445 drilling rig

    TSJ3000/445 drilling rig

  • 齐发娱乐官方网站_3NB-260 Mud pump

    3NB-260 Mud pump

  • 齐发娱乐|齐发娱乐唯一官网|齐发娱乐官方网站_F -500 Mud Pump

    F -500 Mud Pump

  • 齐发娱乐官方网站_Double wall

    Double wall

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  • 齐发娱乐|齐发娱乐唯一官网|齐发娱乐官方网站_Invitation of Exhibition (cippe)-2017

    Invitation of Exhibition (cippe)-2017

    Hebei Yongming Geological Project Machinery Co,.Ltd will attend the 17 th China International Petroleum Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe) from March 20 th to……[detailed]

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